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  • Toronto maintenance garage lifts
  • Inground lifts for bus & trucks
  • Mobile lifts up to 280,000 lbs capacity
  • Ontario made 4 post lifts for all application

About PKS
PKS is well known for our Quality Workmanship and Customer Service. We have over 40 years experience, collectively, in the Lift Industry. PKS is a Leader in lift Innovation, utilizing a wide range of the newest technologies in lift controls and hydraulic fluid power. We manufacture a wide variety of lifts for use in maintenance shops. Our product line includes Heavy Duty 4-Post Drive on Lifts, Portable or Mobile Column Lifts, Scissor, 2-Post and In-Ground Lifts.

Quality & Efficiency
PKS manufacturing and design utilizes High-Tech CAD systems to simulate our lift's operation while still in the design state. We test our products under numerous temperature and structural stress conditions using Innovative Methods. These test systems lead to cost savings and enhanced superior quality. Our standard designs and our ability to listen to our customers, propels PKS to lead the lift design industry.

Everything PKS produces is built to the ANSI ALI-ALCTV-2008 Standard for Automotive Lifts Safety Requirements for Operation, Inspection and Maintenance. PKS is a member of the Automotive Lift Institute. The majority of our lifts have been tested and certified to meet or exceed the ETL requirements for lift safety. ESA certified controls are available on request. PKS is also registered as an ISO 9001 company.

PKS Lifts specializes in manufacturing garage lifts for large trucks and buses. We are well known for our high quality and high weight capacity vehicle lifts. We specialize in lifts that are made for large trucks, mining equipment and buses, we do also offer garage lifts for cars and light trucks.

All of our lifts are fully manufactured with 100% North American parts and steel, while also meeting and exceeding all current Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) Standards for vehicle lift construction testing and validation. Due to the fact that we make our heavy-duty lifts here in Ontario, we ensure the ISO 9001 compliant quality process from start to finish. With over 50 years of collective experience in the lift industry and our long list of satisfied customers, we are so confident in our lifts quality and durability that we have boast the best warranty in the lift industry.

If you are looking to order a garage lift from PKS Lifts, please visit our Where to Buy page and we can set you up with one of our distributors.

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