PKS Lifts

Snow Grooming Equipment Lifts

We manufacture custom 4-post configuration lifts designed to allow service to be performed on wide snow grooming machines where regular 4 post lifts couldn’t accommodate the width.

Engine Lifts

Our airplane engine lifts are the new standard in engine lifting for assembly lines and engine repair shops across North America. Capacities for our engine lifts currently range from 30,000 lbs. to 75,000 lbs. They come in a 4-post configuration. Each column consists...

Rail and Subway Lifts

Our Rail and Subway Lifts are state of the art and custom designed to all the latest specs for new rail systems. Column capacities start at 20,000 lbs per column and go as high as 80,000 lbs capacity per column. This allows a single lift system to lift up to 640,000...