Double Scissor Lifts

50,000 - 80,000 lb.

Our PKSC50-80 series of scissor platform lifts are perfect for shops that are looking for heavy duty lifts providing true vertical lifting solutions and ideal for large trucks, buses, and heavy industrial equipment.  Equipped with two scissors per runway and a control platform mounted with four power units, these lifts provide a lifting speed of 72sec to a maximum 6-1/2 Foot height.

Our PKSC50-PKSC80 scissor lifts are electronically operated and PLC controlled. They are supplied with eight mechanical 13 point locking legs that are integrated into the structure of the lifting cylinders designed to enhance safety while providing additional working space between the runways. The PLC controls the mechanical locking device of all 4 scissors activated pneumatically by a programmed sequence.  The 32.5″ width runways can be ordered to accommodate your specific shop needs, with lengths ranging from 24-48 feet making them a versatile lift solution.

Download Specs (PDF)

Available Accessories:

7,500 lb. Capacity Per Plate. Sold as a Pair. Slip Plates Not Included.

15,000 lb. Capacity Per Plate. Sold as a Pair. Slip Plates Not Included.

Allows for Frame Pickup on Locations Found Over the Runways

5° approach angle instead of standard 9°

Air Line Fittings, with Bulkhead Fittings for Runways

Comes with two pairs of LED lights. Two Lights Per Runway.

Comes with three pairs of LED lights. Three Lights Per Runway.

Comes with four pairs of lights. Four Lights Per Runway.

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