PKDT In-ground

12,000 - 20,000 lb.

The PKDT series is an electro-hydraulic High Pressure drive-through in-ground lift available in capacities ranging from 12,000-20,000 lb. The PKDT lift allows vehicles to be driven between the two retractable posts and secured by using easy to adjust three-stage telescopic lifting arms and multi-position geared arm locking restraints similar to our two post lifts. Unlike the inherent column obstructions of a two-post lift the PKDT In-ground Lift not only permits easy access to the undercarriage of the vehicle, but also frees access to all sides.  A majority of the lift components are situated below the garage floor and confined in a well-sealed and insulated steel cassette, protecting the hoist from debris.

Main features include:

  • Two 10-5/8″ fixed pistons
  • 3-stage telescoping arms
  • Multi-position geared arm locking restraints with a single point lock release that makes arm positioning easy and rearranging quick.
  • Multi-Positional Locking leg with automatic air latch system
  • Front frame made from 7/8″ thick fork lift mast channel
  • Chrome plated pistons
  • Fiberglass coated cylinder casings
  • Low profile arms
  • Power unit and controls included
  • Electrically Controlled & Hydraulically Operated
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