PKS Lifts

4 Post Lifts

4 Post Lifts

Four Post Lifts allow for complete under-vehicle access.  
Without any side obstructions, these lifts are designed for a variety of maintenance needs.  PKS offers 4-Post lifts that are a safe and cost-effective solution for routine maintenance of your entire fleet.
While available in a wide range of lifting capacities ranging from 15,000 lb. to 125,000 lb. for our standard ALI Gold Certified models, these lifts can be customized to lift capacities of up to 260,000 lb.  

PKS 4-Post Lifts come with optional “wheels-free” bridge jacks used to raise vehicle’s tires off the platform for quick wheel, brake and axle service.  Order your PKS Heavy Duty 4-Post Lift and take advantage of our numerous options and accessories to make the most out of your lift while increasing productivity and keeping your shop running efficiently for years of trouble free service.


Medium Duty 4-Post Lifts

Models:  PK-15-4 & PK-18-4

  • 15,000 lb. and 18,000 lb. Capacities
  • Manually operated & hydraulically equalized
  • One 2HP motor
  • One hydraulic cylinder
  • Heavy gauge load bearing cable

Heavy Duty 4-Post Lifts

Models:  PK-18-4, PK-20-4, PK-30-4, PK-40-4

  • 18,000 lb. to 40,000 lb. Capacities
  • Electrically operated
  • Two 3HP motors
  • Four Direct Drive hydraulic cylinders
  • Equalizing cable (not load bearing)

Super Heavy Duty 4-Post Lifts

Models:  PK-50-4, PK-60-4, PK-75-4, PK-80-4, PK-100-4, PK-125-4

  • 50,000 lb. to 125,000 lb. Capacities
  • Electronically Operated & PLC Controlled
  • Four 3HP motors
  • Four Direct Drive hydraulic cylinders
  • No equalizing cable no chain