PKS Lifts

InGround Lifts


Packed with numerous options and accessories that will help your technicians get vehicles on and off the hoist quicker and safer, PKS offers the most versatile heavy duty In-ground hoists on the market.
When the shop floor must be free and clear of obstructions, there is no better choice than a PKS ALI Gold Certified Heavy Duty InGround lift.
With an array of In-ground models ranging from 50,000lb to 105,000lbs these lifts are offered in 2 Post or 3 Post configurations, tailored to meet all your vehicle lifting specifications.

Customize your PKS Inground hoist with an assortment of options such as retractable covers or recessed saddles that store below the workshop floor saving valuable time.
PKS in the only company on the market that offers our In-ground hoists as either traditional low-pressure systems or high-pressure electro-hydraulic systems.
Our hoists are available with multiple configurations of movable or fixed pistons and can be customized to capacities exceeding 100,000 lbs. per piston.
All PKS In-ground hoists are PLC controlled and hydraulically equalized with standard chrome plated pistons and optional fiberglass coated piston casings for ultimate durability.

PKS offers the most efficient, time-saving, Eco-Friendly solutions with our steel or fiberglass “cassette style” sealed enclosures that will protect the environment and keep your shop eco-safe.
Our modular, cassette style, shallow pit designs reduce installation costs that translate into easier, low-cost maintenance over the entire lifespan of the hoist.  
Call PKS to discuss our numerous pit, control and adapter options that will help bring your shop to peak productivity safely while also protecting the environment.


High Pressure Inground

50,000 lb. – 105,000 lb. ALI Gold Certified.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Energy Efficient & Reliable
  • Low Installation & Maintenance Costs
  • Two or Three Post Configurations

Low Pressure Inground

50,000 lb. – 105,000 lb.  ALI Gold Certified.

  • Extremely Simple & Reliable Design
  • Higher Maintenance Cost
  • Low Energy Efficiency
  • Two or Three Post Configurations

PKDT Inground

2-Post In-ground with telescopic lifting arms

  • Models Range From 12,000 –
    20,000 lb.
  • Electrically Operated & Hydraulically Equalized
  • Quick and Easy Multi-Positional Arm Locks