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Mobile Lifts

Mobile Lifts

PKS Mobile Lifts are designed to be the most versatile and robust lift for any maintenance & repair shop.
Our hydraulic Mobile Lifts allow you to utilize the maximum amount of space in your service bays and with the use of our Jack Stands, offer the potential of having multiple vehicles raised and worked on consecutively by the same lift.  
Our Heavy Duty Mobile Lifts allow you to lift virtually any vehicle, anywhere, for inspection or service offering greater working height for tall technicians.

PKS Mobile Lifts are available in lifting capacities ranging from 12,000 – 40,000 lbs per column and offered with either PLC automation controls or PC proprietary programmed control boards.
Our Mobile Lifting systems are sold in sets of 2, 4, 6 or 8 columns, offering total lifting capacities of up to 320,000 lbs.
Contact us for more information on our wide selection of accessories making our Mobile Lifts the most adaptable lifts on the market.


Mobile Lifts with PLC Controls

  • One Primary column controls multiple secondary columns.
  • Reliable & Robust PLC Controls
  • Proximity sensor timing mechanism

Mobile Lifts with PC Controls

  • Multiple Primary and Secondary columns
  • Collective or simultaneous “pair-mode” operation
  • Rotary encoder timing mechanism

Mobile Lift – Battery Operated

  • Eliminates use of  power cables
  • Collective or simultaneous “pair-mode” operation
  • Communication cable reel